Super 73 is one of the most established scrambler style ebikes on the global market, dating all the way back to 2016 which is almost an eternity in the electric bike world! This premium quality electric bike brand offers models particularly well suited to coastal and urban adventures, so it’s not surprising to learn that Super 73 was first conceived in the beach-side region of Orange County, California.

How much is a Super 73?

Here in Australia (AUD) the price of a Super 73 electric bike ranges from $3,890 for the basic Miami model to $7,290 for the top of the range RX-E dual suspension model.

Super 73 Ebike Overview

Super 73 ebikes all share a signature styling which shares equal lashing of dirt bike, BMX bike and cafe racer. All Super73’s electric models have a common frame silhouette, though recent models have adapted suspension into the framing for an even more comfortable ride. With chunky off-road tyres, solid manouverable handlebars and a low riding position the Super 73 range offers cruisy style to boot!

Super 73 RX -E

The Super 73 RX-E is one of the top-of-the-line performance models with all the signature features. With its powerful R-series drive system, pedal assist and throttle models, 4 piston brakes, and a distinguisable fully adjustable dual suspension, the RX-E is designed to deliver a smooth riding experience like no other. The powerful hub motor offers a range of up to 120km, and has a default power output of 250W with up to 2000W capability in Unlimited mode. The suspension consists of an inverted coil-spring fork with air assist and a rear piggyback Coilover mono-shock, and can be adjusted for preload, compression and rebound, to suit your preferred riding style. Equipped with GRZLY All-Terrain Tyres, the RX-E is very much at home in off-road trail rides.

Priced at $7,390.

Super 73 ZX -E

Sporting Super 73’s signature form factor in a simple yet well fitted out bike, the ZX is the larger version of the Z1 and Z models  With the increased size and oversized seat, this is one of the Super 73’s most comfortable models, and it can also seat a second passenger.

Priced at $4,490.

Super 73 S2 -E

The Super 73 S2 is has an aluminium alloy frame and fully adjustable air spring suspension fork. The electric hub motor operates at 250W by default for regulatory purposes, however when switched to Unlimited Mode can reach peak outputs of 2000W. The S2-E has an estimated range of 64 to 120km, depending on the pedal-assist mode and conditions.

Priced at $4,999

Super 73 Z1

The Super 73 Z1 is the smaller cousin of the ZX above, and therefore has now been superseded in Australia. It’s still worth a mention as there’s something about this design that demands a second look.

Super 73 SG1

The SG1 is a popular model from the past. While it is no longer in production, this has been one of the most popular bikes in the Super 73 range due to it’s utility and ability to customise the bike with racks, decals and modifications proving hugely popular.

Super 73 C1X

As you can see, the C1X is far from a typical Super73 electric bike! While it’s still in the concept stage and available for pre-orders in the US, this electric motorcycle is a revolutionary step for the Super 73 team. The C1X is sure to turn a few heads if it arrives on Australian roads in the future.

Super 73 Bike Rack

There are a variety of racks available for Super 73 bikes, from rear mounted vehicle racks to transport your bike, through to specialist bike mounts to carry items varying from surfboards to mobile phones.

If you are looking to transport your Super 73 long distances, take a look at the 1Up USA Super 73 Bike Rack. This mounts quickly to a standard 2 inch hitch on your towbar.

For plenty of other cool accessories including board racks, rear racks and pannier bags check out the Super 73 global website (warning, there’s so many cool additions available you may need to restrain yourself from buying them all!).

Super 73 Bike Lock

While there is no official bike lock for the Super 73, the most commonly recommended locks are manufactured by the Kryptonite brand. Kryptonite has locks to suit every taste including u-locks, integrated chain locks and folding locks.

Where can I buy a Super 73?

If you happen to live in the US where the Super 73 HQ is based, you can order a Super 73 bike straight from their online store. Unfortunately for us Aussies, this store doesn’t ship to Australia, so if you’re after a local stockist check out the options listed below.

Super 73 Australia Stockists

  • Ben Buckler Boards, Sydney, New South Wales
  • Crooze, Gold Coast, Queensland
  • Pushy’s, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

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