Ampd Brothers is an Australian based electric bike brand based in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. The Ampd Bros range is designed with adventure in mind, from beaches to back-alleys. Ampd Bros electric bikes are decked out with Shimano gears, chunky frames and tyres. Given their very reasonable prices, now’s the time to ditch the car and get on an ebike instead.

Ampd Bros Ace Electric Bike

The Ampd Bros Ace electric bike has plenty of personalitly. With a heavy-duty frame and wide tyres, it almost feels like a motorcycle! For the $3,590 price tag it represents unbelievable value, featuring front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, a stylish LED headlight and an integrated cup holder.

I took the Ampd Bros Ace-X electric bike for a spin in a variety of conditions – read on to find out how it performed!

Ampd Brothers Ace Review

The Ampd Brothers Ace is a solid scrambler-inspired 7-speed electric bike. It’s the most popular bike in the Ampd Bros range, and well suited to riders of all sizes.

The Ace range includes the step-through model (Ace-S) and the high-bar crossframe (Ace-X). Both frames are tough as nails, but if strength is your priority go for the Ace-X. You’ll then need to choose your specifications, there is the standard issue model or the tricked out Plus+. Both are fitted with the sporty Kenda mud tyres and a 7-speed Shimano rapid fire gearing system, with the most notable differences being the bigger battery providing for longer range from 50km to 70km, and the front suspension.

Ampd Bros Ace X Plus+ Review

The Ampd Bros Ace is a pedal-assisted electric bike. If you’re new to riding ebikes, you’re probably wondering how this whole ‘pedal-assist’ thing works. Simply jump on and flick the ignition switch, choose a speed between 1 and 5 and start pedaling. As soon as you have some forward momentum the electric motor will activate. The bike won’t just zip away from a standstill like the throttle on a motorcycle, it’s ongoing pedaling that dictates the speed of a pedal-assisted ebike towards the top speed of 30km/hr.

Cruising on the Ace really is a breeze, thanks to the oversized BMX styling. The handlebars are simple and responsive, with the wide wheels offering stability at all speeds. I was impressed at the responsivity of the disc brakes too – pulling up quickly was no issue at all.

Off the beaten track the Ace X comes into its own. The front shock absorbers were for it, coupled with the knobbly tyres and padded seat, the bike (rather than my butt) comfortably absorbed the shock of almost every bump and pot-hole in its path.

Ampd Bros Ace Top speed

On the open road I pedalled as hard as I could to see where the Ace’s top speed would max out. The result was a cool 31.4 km/hr, ample speed for a cruiser of this style.

Ampd Bros Ace Battery

The Ampd Bros Ace X battery is mounted directly beneath the seat, conveniently tucked away while still being secure and lockable. The battery can be removed and taken out for charging which is extremely handy in between rides.

A full charge can take a several hours, so ideally an overnight charge is best. If the battery runs out while you’re on the move, fear not, despite the weight of the chunky Ampd Bros Ace it’s still quite easy to ride manually as a conventional 7-gear pushbike.


The Ampd Bros Ace X is an ebike with plenty of style and attitude. It’s robust, easy to ride and loads of fun. Perfectly suited to the coastal lifestyle, it’s compact yet tough. The generously sized seat comfortably accommodates riders of all shapes and sizes, and can even fit a companion. Thanks to the fat tyres, the bike is extremely stable and who can forget the joys of an integrated cup holder, the perfect spot for those hot or cold drinks. The headlight is literally the jewel on the crown, and honestly, for this price, you will struggle to find another ebike with as many cool features.

Ampd Bros Australia

Ampd Bros Australia is a family business located on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The team is passionate about innovation, constantly evolving their range of electric bikes, escooters and electric skateboards. Ampd Bros brand is fast becoming a well-reknowned name in the leisure ebike scene, recognised for their high quality, tough and affordable equipment.

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