If you’re searching for the best electric cruiser bike in Australia for 2023, you’ve landed in the right spot. We have test ridden plenty of cruisers in our time, and the 2023 editions are the best yet! A lot of effort goes into the design and craftsmanship, and we examine all aspects of these bicycles, from the comfortable saddle and wider tires to the ergonomic handlebars, making them effortless to ride.

Keep reading below to explore the most popular cruiser bike models available in Australia, manufactured from leading national and international brands.

Leitner Electric Cruiser Bikes

Leitner Bikes is one of the leading brands of electric bikes in Australia and today we want to spotlight Leitner Bikes’ step-over Berlin Cruiser.

This classic looking ebike showcases a classic diamond-shaped cruiser frame that looks fantastic whether you’re heading down to the beach or grabbing a morning coffee.

Equipped with a Samsung battery, it provides a range of 20-50 kilometres and a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour, while the puncture-resistant tires provide a secure ride.

The Berlin Cruiser is daring, dynamic and enjoyable to travel on city streets or coastal cycleways. It’s exactly what you’d hope for from an eBike cruiser.

Volition Electric Cruiser Bikes

If you’re seeking an eBike that is sure to demand attention, the Volition Koala Cruiser is one to consider. The retro design exudes attitude, which is the first thing that will catch your eye. Nonetheless, this bike can also perform just as well as it looks.

The 1300-watt motor provides plenty of power when you require it, and the 50-60 kilometre range ensures you can reach any destination without difficulty.

It is available in a range of understated hues and comes with many standard features. Additionally, the Koala Cruiser can be fitted with a surf rack or kiddie seat, making you w if there wonder if there’s anything this electric bike can’t do!

Smarcycle Electric Cruiser Bikes

Electric bike enthusiasts in Australia adore Smarcycle, and their Max model is highly acclaimed for its long-range capacity and a unique blend of urban design with sturdy construction.

It’s loaded with high-quality components, including a 7-speed Shimano gear system, front and rear disc brakes, and a maximum load of 200 kilograms, which means it can effortlessly accommodate you and your gear during your next adventure.

Regarding the range, the Max model is equipped with smart energy-saving features, allowing you to easily cruise for up to 120 kilometres on a single charge.

Ampd Brothers Ace Electric Bike    

Looking for an electric cruiser bike with vintage motorcycle-inspired aesthetics? Look no further than the Ampd Brothers Ace Electric Bike, which is one of the most affordable options within its category. With a range of up to 70km, 7-speed Shimano gears, fat tires, and a lightweight aluminium frame, the Ace can tackle any type of terrain, including beaches, hills, dirt tracks, grass, and pavement.

Additionally, Ampd Brothers ebikes offer a fantastic selection of optional extras, including surfboard racks, pannier racks, and foot pegs, to help you carry even more on your next adventure.

Murf Electric Cruiser Bikes

Murf, a brand that is 100% Australian-owned, holds a special place in our hearts. As they solely manufacture cruiser electric bikes, it was challenging to pick just one model.

However, we recommend the Fat Murf, which happens to be their original eBike model. It is equipped with a 54-volt battery that provides excellent torque and a range of 80 kilometres. Additionally, the Fat Murf’s 4-inch tires are designed to absorb minor bumps, providing extra comfort while cruising.

Furthermore, the Fat Murf can reach a top speed of 40 kilometres per hour, which is ideal for getting to your desired location quickly, whether it’s to ride the waves or quench your thirst for adventure.

Super73 Electric Cruiser Bikes      

If you’re in search of a lightweight entry-level cruiser bike for running errands or beach trips, look no further than the Super73 ZG. Its sleek motorbike-inspired design and super cushy banana seat caught our eye, and we’re thrilled that it offers 3-level speed options and the ability to turn on ECO mode for added range.

The ZG also has a range of up to 45 kilometres and is available in five fresh colours, making it both stylish and practical. It’s no surprise that the Super73 ZG was one of Australia’s best electric cruiser bikes in 2023, as it is a pleasure to ride and exudes style.

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