Excitement levels were high when we were given the opportunity to test out one of the market’s leading ebike brands flagship models the Leitner Venice Cruiser, Folding Libelle, and Berlin Cruiser. And after putting them to the test, we can confidently say that it’s no surprise why they consistently make the list of the top 5 e-bikes in Australia. If you want to learn more about these impressive models, read on for our short and sweet Leitner electric bike reviews below.

Leitner Venice Cruiser

  • 5 levels of pedal assistance for speed control
  • Reflective striping on wheels for increased visibility
  • Luxurious seat, front fork suspension and adjustable handle stem for added comfort
  • Hand throttle that allows you to reach speeds of 25 kilometres p/h (without pedalling)

The first Leitner e-bike we got our hands on, was the Venice Cruiser. Not only is it designed for ease of use, but it’s also packed with some impressive features that are sure to turn heads. This Leitner model is both trendy and comfortable, making it a joy to ride.

Thanks to its 5 levels of pedal assistance, the Venice Cruiser easily conquers steep hills. And with its luxurious seat and front fork suspension, you can navigate different road surfaces with ease and comfort.

Plus, the Samsung battery cells are built to last for years and provide an estimated range of 20 to 50 kilometers with pedal assist mode on. Whether you’re touring a new town, grabbing your morning coffee, or getting some exercise with your significant other, the Venice Cruiser makes it all simple and effortless.

Leitner Folding Libelle

  • Climb hills with ease or cruise along footpaths with integrated pedal assistance
  • Puncture resistant tyres
  • Can fold to fit into the boot of a car, your caravan or other tight spaces
  • Full chain cover to ensure you arrive at your destination mud and dirt free

After trying out the Venice Cruiser, we decided to take the Folding Libelle for a spin. Check out our Leitner Folding Libelle electric bike review below to see what we thought.

This bike is both ultra-practical and incredibly well-engineered. Its compact size means you can easily toss it into your boot and explore new routes in your area.

But don’t let its size fool you – the Folding Libelle can cruise at speeds up to 25 kilometers per hour and travel up to 50 kilometers with pedal assist. And thanks to its step-through design, mounting and dismounting is a breeze.

For added peace of mind during longer rides, the Folding Libelle is also equipped with puncture-resistant tires. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for a foldable bike they can take on the road.

Leitner Berlin Cruiser

  • Estimated 20-to-50-kilometre range with pedal assist mode
  • Integrated bike computer with speedometer and odometer
  • Includes mudguards, chainguard, front and rear lights, rear rack, stand, bell and toolkit to help with assembly                   

Last but not least, we come to the Berlin Cruiser in our Leitner electric bike review. With its stylish European design, this bike is easy on the eyes and built to handle steep hills and tricky terrain.

The curved handlebars and sturdy diamond-shaped frame allow for seamless transitions from city streets to trails, all while ensuring maximum comfort.

And like all Leitner e-bikes, you can upgrade to a 15Ah battery for an estimated pedal assist range of up to 80 kilometers. The Berlin Cruiser is the perfect choice for those looking to switch effortlessly between exercise and leisurely rides with their partner.

So whether you’re hitting the trails or taking a leisurely ride, the Berlin Cruiser is sure to deliver a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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