In this Smarcycle electric bike review, we discuss three popular e-bike models from one of Australia’s leading e-bike providers based out of Brisbane in Queensland. These are the Volt Max, the Volt Mate X and the Volt Mate S.

If you’re thinking about taking a Smarcycle brand bike for a spin or you’re exploring e-bike options, you’re in the right place. Read our Smarcycle electric bike review and get ready to ride right into the future. 

Smarcycle Volt Max

The long-range cruiser that also performs in the wild.

  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Long range Samsung battery (19.5A 36V)
  • Disc brakes (front and back)
  • 120+ kilometre range

Smarcycle’s longest-range electric bike on the market, the Volt Max boasts an eye-catching urban design that belies its offroad capabilities.

Front and rear disc brakes offer enhanced stopping power which translates to increased control. Then there are the Kenda tyres, which deliver both comfort and performance both on city streets and more challenging surfaces.

The most impressive aspect of the Volt Max though? Well, that’s got to be the colour LCD that comes with every bike. Not only does it help you track your journey, but it also possesses Bluetooth capabilities and an integrated mobile app.

Toss in a max speed of 25 kilometres p/h (the max. government limit) and a range of 120+ kilometres and it’s easy to see why the Volt Max is so popular for long commutes and all-terrain adventures.

Smarcycle Volt Mate X

A compact electric bike with oversized appeal.

  • Smart LCD display
  • Quick folding technology
  • 70-kilometre range
  • Disc brakes (front and back)
  • Long range Samsung battery (10.5A 36V)

Love convenience and compactness in an electric bike? Then good news, budding e-bikers! Our Smarcycle electric bike review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Volt Mate X.

Lightweight with a smart dual-folding design, it’s easy to cart around and even easier to store – perfect for individuals who live in a smaller home and want to save space.

But don’t let its pintsize construction fool you. This futuristic e-bike lets you go further courtesy of the 70-kilometre range. It even comes with a Samsung fast charge battery. Just plug it in, wait 2 hours and you’ll be ready to hit the road again in no time at all.

Last but not least, the Volt Mate X comes stock with all-weather tyres. Because a little bit of rain shouldn’t stop you from getting where you need to go.

Smarcycle Volt Mate S

For extra oomph and maximum useability.

  • Quick folding technology
  • BAFANG 250W motor
  • All weather tyres
  • 25 kilometres p/h top speed
  • Coloured LCD display

A true standout in any Smarcycle electric bike review, the Volt Mate S is a slightly heavier albeit more powerful version of the Volt Mate X.

It’s dual-folding just like its sibling. It also has a top speed of 25 kilometres p/h. Where it differs though is that the Volt Mate S allows you to cruise for just that little bit longer (approx. 80 kilometres in eco-mode).

From commuters to weekend warriors and even food delivery company employees, everyone loves to cycle the Volt Mate S. But don’t just take our word for it. Discover this model’s ergonomic design, solid construction and excellent hill-climbing ability for yourself.

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