Vinxs is an ebike manufacturer founded in Croydon, New South Wales. With stores across several major cities along Australia’s eastern sea-board, Vinxs is fast becoming a go-to brand within the Aussie electric bike scene, particularly with the food delivery community due to Vinxs economical cargo-focused designs.

Vinxs Ebikes

Vinxs offers a range of models that each lend themselves particularly well to specific purposes. There are the Vinxs range of cargo bikes, ideal for use by food and goods delivery riders, Vinxs compact city bikes which can be useful for urban commuters and travelers alike, and the Vinxs fat-tyre model which suits more rugged use.

One thing that really stands out with Vinxs when compared to other bikes within the market, is the wallet-friendly price point, with some models starting at the $1,000 mark. Of course, as with any significant purchase, it pays to do your research and ensure that the equipment suits your needs – read on to find out more about each of the Vinxs models.

Vinxs Electric Cargo Bike

With a tough stainless steel frame featuring front and rear suspension, a large rear luggage rack, mobile phone holder with inbuilt charger and a top speed of 25km/h with range of up to 350km, this is definitively a bike built for utility.

At the time of writing this model has been marked down to $799, so it’s easy to see why this model is a hit with food delivery riders.

Vinxs Mk2 High-Powered Ebike

Whilst similar to the previous model, the MY23 edition of Vinxs electric cargo bike comes with new battery efficiency saving (BES) technology. This new BES technology reportedly offers riders 30% greater range yet weights 10% less than the previous generation.

Coming in at $899, for an extra hundred dollars versus the previous model, it sounds like a no-brainer!

Vinxs Fat Tyre

Also referred to by some as the Vinxs Electric Mountain Bike, the Vinxs Fat Tyre model is well suited to a variety of terrain. Featuring a solid stainless steel step-through frame, front and rear shocks, single padded seat, top speed of 25km/hr and a range of up 150km. It weighs in at a rather hefty 35kg including the battery, and 25kg without. While it won’t win any design innovation awards, the Vinxs Fat Tyre is a pretty robust unit.

Currently priced at just $1,550 this is absolutely one of the lowest-priced fat tyre ebikes on the retail market.

Vinxs City Bike

Whilst this model is now discontinued, let’s take a moment to appreciate its likeness to the humble Aussie postie bike (aka the Honda 110).

Vinxs as a Food Delivery Bike

With the generous cargo racks and ease of mounting through the step-through frames common across the Vinxs range, not to mention the extremely sharp price point, it’s no surprise that this brand is a popular ebike for food delivery riders. If function over form is your priority for an urban ebike, it’s definitely worth considering Vinxs.

Vinxs Rent

Vinxs offers ebike rentals directly through their website, again a big drawcard for delivery riders who may not have the need, desire or the funds to own and maintain their own electric bike outright. There are also rent-to-buy options, with rental pickup from their Croydon, Sydney headquarters.

Where to buy Vinxs in Australia

You can find Vinxs in several physical stores in Sydney including Ebikes World and Ehiro. Otherwise, you can also buy from these retailers online or directly from the Vinxs website.

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